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Bricks in the snow 2.0

The 23rd of March seventeen techies, snow-lovers, and fun loving Bricks gathered their winter sport gear and travelled to the lovely town of Klösterle am Arlberg in Austria to enjoy something more then Sprint reviews and workflows together.

Five highlights:

Bricks in the snow 2.0


If you ever want to build a strong team, put them on top of a mountain after drinking a few beers. Then give them a sled each and tell them to go all the way down until they reach an obscure shed that will turn out to be a cool Après-ski restaurant; we had the best time ever! (Except for a few near-death-experiences we’ll call ‘bonding moments’).

Bricks in the snow 2.0

Paralympic power

We had a very special guest that joined us: professional Paralympic skier Martin Falch! While the advanced group discovered the hidden routes of the mountains with Martin, the beginner group was even luckier to be coached by him. He managed to inspire all of the Bricks that day!

Bricks in the snow 2.0


Did anyone say Schnitzel? Our farewell dinner was one of many courses. Lucky were the Bricks that didn’t binge on lunch and could relish on all lovely meals, because there were a few who had to eat two schnitzels that day!. While enjoying the lovely sunset we were served authentic Austrian foods like Fritatensuppe, Spinatknödel and a very big tasty schnitzel. Except for that time we ordered pizza’s in the Apres ski.

Bricks in the snow 2.0


The best parties are in good company and in the comfort of your own home right? Well, when the whole team got back to the house after visiting a big après-ski bar and got into their PJ’s, we were welcomed to enjoy some tasty cheese and meat platters while chatting about our take on après-ski but of course we ended up playing music, dancing and laughing all night long!

Bricks in the snow 2.0

Torch walk

After a lovely dinner with a beautiful sunset in the background at the Wasserkraft restaurant we went for ‘a walk’. Little did we know that medieval torches lighted the whole route. It looked absolutely magical! When we arrived at the top, we had a beautiful view. Not the one we are used to in Amsterdam, but the view you have when you look up and the sky isn’t contaminated with city lights. We gazed at a pitch-black sky with hundreds of diamond-like stars in awe, while enjoying the warmth of the torches and the voice and guitar playing of one of our bricks- Arthur.

They say ‘When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars’; these four days were all rainbows and stars. Thank you Rick for making this possible and all the bricks for being the most fun travel crew, to many more memorable trips!