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Clay’s recap of 2017

We feel delighted and proud to present you our first annual report with the highlights of 2017.

2017 was a great year for Clay: Champagne corks were flying around the office on several occasions, we expanded our APIs with new features, we attended many remarkable events, and a lot of Brick-babies joined our family.

Here is what happened at Clay in 2017

⏱️ Clay by numbers



added IQs

“This year we released the new IQ 2.0. We have worked hard to implement the new features as fluent as possible. We are very proud of the outcome and the new possibilities this entails”

Geert, Embedded Developer

"That's a lot of IQs! Also really proud that a lot of them are IQ 2.0s”

Ronald, Embedded Engineer



added locks

“2017 was the year of the big leap for the company. The year that we worked hard for to reach during the last 5 years.” Each working day of 2017 more than 50 doors were added to our platform, all over the world tens of thousands of people started using our product.” I am super proud for that but especially for the fact that we do this with nothing but a great team!!”

Rick Voogt, Ordinary locksmith



added users

"2017 was an awesome year for Clay. We put in hard work to improve our Clay Locking Platform and make it future proof. 2018 will be the year of fast and profitable IoT.”

Christian Schmitz, Business Development and Sales Manager



nerf darts shot

“The team just won’t function without a Nerf gun battle every few hours, it’s great”

Kristin Pater, The heart & soul of the office

🔦 highlights for bricks in 2017

Niels’s dance moves during the Jamiroquai concert (36%) Niels dance moves

Jamiroquai concert (21%) Jamiroquai concert

Number of babies named after a Star Wars character (19,5%) Star Wars babies

Having pizza with champagne for our Christmas lunch (12%) Pizza with champagne

Using the IQ 1 as a Christmas tree ornament (9%) IQ1 Christmas tree ornament

Coconut flavored tea (1,5%) Coconut flavored tea

🍾 Poppin’ corks

Clay’s champagne stack needs some serious restocking, it has been a year filled with celebrations. Corks popped when:

Acquisition by SALTO

The acquisition by SALTO was finalized on the 19th of June

ACA for Regus

ACA for Regus launched

APIs went live

The new APIs went live

Mobile Key

Mobile Key technology developed

Privacy Locks

Privacy Locks introduced

Mobile Key

IQ 2.0


The new

With the rebranding of SALTO KS, Clay as a company took the chance to rebrand itself as well. A modern new style was introduced to be used consistently throughout all Clay related interfaces and applications. was the first to be launched with the new fresh look and feel! Fun fact: the internal codename was ‘Project Cherry’. 🍒

poppin blog

The company blog

On the 28th of April our first blog post was a fact. Eight months later we have a blog of 40 (!) posts and counting!

Social media

In 2017 we fired up four social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We haven’t reached the #influencer status yet, but we’re getting there. It is amazing to see our follower count grow, wanting to know more about our journey and support us one post at a time.

Follow us and expect a lot more team pictures, event updates, product information, tips & tricks!

📍 Events

We attended

GCUC Singapore
GCUC Taiwan
The class
ISC West

We visited

DevOps Amsterdam
TC Disrupt
React Amsterdam
Embedded linux
Digital innovation day

We hosted

fresh heroes

🇪🇺 Nationalities

Needless to say: The Bricks are an awesome mix of cultures and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


🐇 baby bricks

We expanded the Clay family with four (!) baby-Bricks and we are still anxiously waiting for Chantal’s support edition!

baby Noah


Product-and development baby

baby Lilyrose

Lily Rose

Embedded baby

baby luke


Sales baby (Fun Fact: named after Luke Skywalker)

baby Luka


.NET & React baby

baby Support

Support baby

Support baby (to be continued)…

🏂 Team events

As much as the Bricks enjoy working, they also LOVE to play! Behold, the team event top 4:



Bricks boogied to Jamiroquai's groovy tunes and it was Legen - wait for it - dary!

Rafting in Bosnia

Almost dying riding a quad in Bosnia never felt better.

Skiing in St. Anton

Almost dying by sledding off a ski slope never felt better.


Annual Christmas dinner

There was a lot of spicy food, presents and emotional speeches but most importantly there was a lot of love. Yes, we are one big hippie community.

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2017 is officially over

In 2018 we plan to disrupt the world of smart lock technology even more.

Follow our journey on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and keep track of our next key-free adventures on our blog!


#becomeabrick in 2018

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