Content marketing at Clay

While managing the Clay office for a few years Kris developed the urge to act on her passion, which has always been writing. This in combination with her love and talent for social media enabled the transformation from being an Office manager into her current role as an Online Content Specialist at Clay.

Read on to find out more about the #lifeatclay from our latest addition to the Marketing team.

Tell us more about your background prior to Clay Before working at Clay I worked as an event manager at an Amsterdam based Event Company. I organized all kinds of events for clients like the ABN AMRO, KPMG and PWC. I studied tourism and did my final internship at this young company where I happened to stay for over seven years. This may seem quite a long period for someone that young, but it was such a fun time with a tight team of colleagues transforming any type of gathering into a party, I’ve learned a lot!

How did you come to own the role of Online Marketing Specialist? At Clay I started out as an office manager, but my passion has always been writing. I started my own Instagram account @kristinrosereads where I feature books I read and review and realized I wanted to create (online) content for my future career. By that time it wasn’t yet clear for me how to move in that direction. When I finally shared my urge to make a career change and my career development plan, Clay was happily willing to enable this for me. Although I really enjoyed being an office manager it’s nice to be able to do something I am really passionate about on a daily basis. I feel very fortunate I was given the opportunity to do so at such an amazing company with this group of motivated and talented people.


What is your skill set and how does it make you successful in your current role at Clay? Creating content for any type of company is a creative job. This often leads to great ideas, but a messy execution. Because of my previous job as an event manager being organized has always been crucial, which helps a lot. Also, the combination of being creative, the passion for online content and eagerness to make Clay visible in the best way possible has paved the way for my role as an online content specialist.

How have you made an impact in your current role here at Clay? Clay didn’t have much of an online presence before 2017 when we were still looking for marketing roles for the team. It was around that time I realized I wanted to create content for a living. We’ve worked out my transformation from office manager to an online content specialist and the rest is history. Fast forward to today: We have now an online presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Our company blog counts over 67 blog posts. It’s very rewarding to see how we made our imprint, and there are a lot more exciting things to come!

How do you work cross-functionally with other teams? The teams within Clay I work most with are Marketing, Design and Front-end but it’s not uncommon to work with other teams too. When I write a blog post featuring our developers I’ll sit down with them and create the content together with their input and feedback, such as the recent DevOps blog post. Clay now counts 23 Bricks all with unique expertise. Since it’s such a small and tight team we all are well aware of our common goal: A key free world!

What is the top 3 of reasons you love being at Clay?

  • Because Clay is very transparent your ideas actually can make an impact on the whole company which is very motivating.

  • I am proud to be a part of the team revolutionizing the access control market by building this solid platform and showing the world we are here to enable a key free life for everybody! I feel very lucky to be part of this interesting movement that will eventually have an impact on everyone’s life.

  • The Bricks. They are an inspiring bunch of people who make me feel like I get to go to work with friends and family!

What piece of advice would you give someone interviewing for a role in the Marketing team at Clay? Be yourself. We have a great vibe in the office. No Brick is the same and we embrace that. As long as you show you are motivated to help us with your unique expertise you will come a long way!


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