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Clay’s take on Devopsdays 2018 in Amsterdam!

This June more than 300 like-minded influencers from the DevOps culture came together at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Clay’s very own DevOps Engineer Niels was there to enjoy three days filled with informative workshops, over 40 influential speakers and an inspiring atmosphere during this year’s Devopsdays!

DevOps (Development and Operations) entails all that will make the cooperation between software developers and IT operations run smoothly. Research shows that a company that has DevOps practices implemented will perform better in the long run compared to companies who don't.

The Devopsdays is an ‘unconference’ or an ‘Open Space conference’ which means it’s a participant-driven meeting on a large scale. Software engineers, system administrators, testers, QA-engineers and business people gather to discuss the best tools, ways to work together as a team and an agile work culture. The term “DevOps” was popularized through a series of Devopsdays starting in 2009 in Belgium. Since then, there have been Devopsdays conferences held in many countries worldwide.

How to become a brick

Like we stated in our previous blog post our ambition is to be fully containerized by the end of 2019 by using .NET core Docker containers. These containers will be managed by using Kubernetes: An open source platform for automating deployment. During the Devopsdays Kubernetes was luckily for us a hot topic. Especially after the interesting keynotes of Bridget Kromhouts (Principal Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft) and Andrew Martin (founder of control plane) who talked about “Cloud, containers, k8s” and “Continuous securing Kubernetes”.

One of the most enjoyable things during the conference was the Ignites: A series of events where speakers have five minutes to talk on a subject accompanied by 20 slides, for 15 seconds each. This might seem a little dry at first, but we ensure you when Jason Yee (Datadog), Joep Weijers (TOPdesk) and Matty Stratton (PagerDuty) took the stage, it was as if they were having a DevOps themed open mic night!

Watch the Devopsdays Ignites here and skip to 4:35 for hilarious comparisons between DevOps practices and Dutchies like: ‘Observability & why the Dutch don’t like curtains’ or ‘How FEBO is the result of broken DevOPs’.

Besides the Ignites, good food and open spaces Devopsdays was also filled with presentations and sessions about tools and practices. The full program of our conference can be found here.

We are looking forward to participating in next years Devopsdays since it’s an excellent conference to validate technologies and methods used and to be inspired to get new ideas!

Clay is looking for a passionate and experienced DevOps engineer that elevates our cloud infrastructure. As a DevOps engineer at Clay you enable developers to deploy new features by programming automated tools to help you do their work.

You will focus on redundancy and scalability, you’ll implement infrastructure as code, moving our architecture towards a microservices based architecture hosted in a containerized way. By this you’ll ensure the developers at Clay to work in a highly productive manner.

Does reading this description put a smile on your face? Then you definitely need to apply now!