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Why Clay encourages corporate learning and development (and so should you):

The heart of any (tech) company should be highly motivated people that have the ability to constantly adapt to new technologies. These people will eventually determine whether your company is going to thrive or fall, so it’s of the utmost importance you enable them to develop themselves personally as well as professionally.

According to McKinsey Global Institute an astounding 90% of companies worldwide report they don’t have the resources to provide corporate learning and development to their employees. Whether this has something to do with making time to set up a corporate learning- and development plan, not knowing how to start a company culture where learning and developing comes natural or just not acknowledging learning and development as a top priority; they’re missing out big time!

Investing in your people in terms of learning and development is the closest thing to ensure your business will thrive in the long run.

It has never been easier to set your company up for success. New technology that is evolving every minute of every day makes it necessary that your employees are up to date with the latest tech trends, but it also makes learning (online) very easy! Rolling out a special corporate learning program that first has to be approved by several experts is time-consuming. Technology won’t wait that long! Ted Talks, tutorials, podcasts, infographics and many more ways to learn are available in a split second!

At Clay we believe a great deal in corporate learning and development. We want our Bricks to flourish!

These three things are examples of how Clay promotes corporate learning and development:

SMART goals: Within Clay we work with SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals), which work the same as an IDP (Individual Development Plan). Working with SMART goals enable the Bricks to reach short- and long-term goals. It supports answering difficult but necessary questions like ‘Where am I now’, ‘What do I want to accomplish’, and ‘How will I reach my goal’. Clay applauds learning new skills to reach these goals.

A learning and development plan: To ensure we work with the best professionals within Clay we believe that everyone needs to have the opportunity to keep their knowledge as up-to-date as possible. Therefore we want to support the Bricks to get access to this knowledge wherever this is provided. This could be (e-)books, conferences, and courses that are related to personal or professional development. Last year our Bricks attended React.Amsterdam, Digital Innovation Day, OnBrand, TechCrunch and more! Gaining this education in whatever form is also a good way to help a Brick to achieve a certain SMART goal.

Confluence: Confluence is our internal wiki. We use it to add ideas, share knowledge and discuss various topics with the whole team. This way everyone is aware of what’s going on within the company and up to date with the latest company know-how.

As a market leader in access control software, we need to be aware of the constantly evolving market. We anticipate this by feeding our Bricks needed knowledge. With the Bricks reinventing themselves they stay on top of their game, personally and therefore professionally.

Are you looking for a job in a learning and developing embracing environment? Visit our career page for our latest vacancies and #becomeabrick!