Privacy mode: Confidential locking

The great thing about smart locks is that you don’t need to worry if someone has a key, if they were able to get in or even what time they got in. But on the other hand, we do need a bit of privacy. Remember your college dorm years? People barging in and out of your room? Not the best of years! But things have changed…

Salto has released a special version of their XS4 lock (electronic escutcheon) that provides a Privacy function. The Privacy function allows a person to lock a door from the inside, using a physical action. Locking the door will tell the system that no one is allowed to unlock the door, be it with a tag or a remote opening; even though a user might normally be authorized to do so. So, as a student, when you’re in your dorm room, you can switch your lock to Privacy Mode and not worry about people barging in.

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"The Privacy function allows a person to lock a door from the inside, using a physical action."

You might be thinking, well this can go both ways. What if the campus staff cannot get a hold of a student? Will anyone know if he’s in his room? They certainly cannot access the room because of Privacy Mode. But no need to worry. If a lock is switched to Privacy Mode, a specific event is generated. Whether or not the lock is in Privacy Mode is visible as part of the status of the lock, and whenever info about the lock is presented. So, the campus staff can see from the list of events that a certain lock has been switched to Privacy Mode.

There’s also a possibility to override Privacy Mode, with a function called ‘Pastoral Override’. Pastoral Override is most likely to be used in occasions where a user has Privacy Mode enabled for more than 36 hours and is not responding to calls. Campus management can even be notified in case the Privacy Mode has been enabled for more than 36 hours.

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