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Smart locks for student housing

Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of student life. And quality accommodation should be about more than just a simple room. With Clay, Student Accommodation Developers and Campus Facility Management can expand and improve the scale, reach, and quality of student accommodation anywhere around the world.

“Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of student life.”

Most campuses need an out of the box smart lock solution for student accommodation. To list a few of their needs;

  • A quick start solution for cloud based access control

  • Remotely opening any door, from anywhere

  • Controlling who goes where and when, such as students, faculty staff and guests

  • Viewing door activity and receiving activity messages on phone

  • A ready-built software solution

  • Trained and certified hardware installer network worldwide

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SALTO Keys as a Service (KS) provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. Campus managers can easily manage access for student dorms on-the-go; open doors remotely, block access, view entry activity and receive activity messages on their smartphone. Controlling who goes where and when creates operational efficiency. With SALTO KS, campus managers can grant designated access to visitors, employees, or even delivery services whenever it is necessary for them to enter. So, no need for investment in application development and campuses can benefit from trained and certified SALTO installer network worldwide.

But some need more!

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Campuses of any size leverage various tools to better manage their student dorms and provide a competitive student experience. So, sometimes an out of the box solution is not enough, but also options to integrate with existing tools is necessary; such as alarm companies, camera/ surveillance companies, intercom companies, facility management tools, and many more.

Wondering how this can help you improve your customer experience, imagine this:

  • Any data entered into one of your existing student housing tools, regarding users, rooms or time frame will automatically be converted to access rules in SALTO KS. So, no duplication of work!

  • You can connect the lock events in your student dorms to your software tools. By pushing lock events to your student housing tools, you can send customized welcome messages to first timer students, grant or deny access to cleaners depending on the usage of rooms, integrate with alarm systems or camera to view live footage of anyone standing in front of any door and much more!

  • With Clay tags (or preferred other credentials), student will be able to access their own room, post box, or common areas such as bike garages, garbage rooms, elevators with a single tag.

“Access management of all your locations, by facility managers, from one place”
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And some need even more! Perhaps a custom solution, with needs like;

  • Your own user interface; either a custom-built access control app or integration into your existing app

  • Full control of the locks in your student housing through your own app

  • The benefits of a smart lock offering, access control expertise, proven technologies and global support without making extensive investments.

  • Optimization of internal tools, such as ERP systems (centralized student management systems)

  • Access management of all your locations, by facility managers, from one place

  • Synchronized user data, to avoid duplication of work

  • Granting or blocking access for students, faculty, guests and more 
via your own app, from anywhere, anytime (Mobile key feature)

  • When an out of the box smart lock solution is not enough, Clay Locking Platform (CLP) is the right answer. CLP is the only API that makes it possible to integrate cloud-based access control into your existing business and product portfolio, and the only white label smart lock technology available on the market. While the benefit of trained and certified hardware installer network worldwide and the option of integration with 3rd party tools is still there; CLP offers a customized solution for the specific needs of your campus. With a flexible and scalable API, as a Campus Facility Manager you can have full control of the locks through you own app built with CLP.

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