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Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for your smart home

Families are incorporating more and more technology into their homes each year. This holiday season the packages underneath the Christmas tree are likely to integrate with your smartphone, making the lives of you and your family more comfortable so you can enjoy each other’s presence in the most wonderful time of the year.

Because advertisements for tech gadgets seem to be everywhere around Christmas time, it can be hard to distinguish which ones really are worth your money. That's why we’ve gathered Clay’s top 5 Christmas gift ideas for your smart home:

Google Chromecast

The nr. 1 affordable gift for anyone that loves to binge watch: The Google Chromecast. By connecting the Chromecast to your tv you instantly make your tv smart without having to buy the latest edition. Watching your favourite content on your TV never been more user-friendly. At Clay, we use a Chrome cast mainly as an easy way to share our screens during presentations or listen to music while we work without having to worry about cables. But at home, we enjoy any type of content by streaming from our smartphones through apps like YouTube, Netflix, Google photos and even Spotify. Check out all the apps available for the Chromecast here.

Sonos One

A Sonos One is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to listen to music and has a keen eye for design. In the Clay office, we have three (!) Sonos speakers: Two on the ground floor and one upstairs. Together we set the mood by editing the playlist during the day. Besides an astatically appealing design and perfect sound the Sonos One can also be integrated with Alexa and connects to your home WiFi instead of Blue tooth. Streaming our favourite Friday afternoon playlist from the Sonos app on our smartphone has never been easier.

Tile pro

Does one of your loved ones lose his or her belongings more often than you can count on one hand? We can assure you the tile pro just might be the perfect gift for them! We gave these tiny but very smart Bluetooth trackers to a few forgetful Bricks already and it works like a charm! The tiles have a range of over 60 meters, are waterproof and can be integrated with Alexa. Tie them to a keychain, or stick one in a wallet and the search for personal goods will finally be over.

Breville espresso vertuo plus

At Clay, we are very big on coffee! That’s why this Breville espresso vertuo is high on everyone’s wish list. Anyone that has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning will think this is a gift sent from heaven! With this smart coffee machine, you’ll be able to set a time for your precious cup of coffee or you can send a request while lying in bed from your smartphone. With the unique barcode technology, Nespresso changed the coffee game. The capsules have a special barcode on them so the machine can adjust the parameters to make you your preferred Sunday morning coffee.

Robot Vacuum cleaner

For anyone that has no time for domestic chores or simply put despise vacuum cleaning, the iLife A6 is one of the best affordable vacuum cleaners that will vacuum for 160 minutes before you need to recharge. Even though most of the Bricks live in a small house in Amsterdam where 30 minutes would also do the trick, this robot vacuum cleaner will soon be anyone’s best friend. The small round robot will automatically modify to any type of floor, from carpet to hardwood; it just keeps cleaning. This will leave you time to cook a lovely Christmas dinner and eat it of the floor if you want to.

Let us know which gadgets you cant live without on our our Twitter account or contact us to learn how SALTO KS can enrich your smart home even more.