Four major workplace trends to look forward to in 2018!

Brace yourself for healthy and happy workplace vibes! We’ve collected the four major workplace trends to have on your radar for 2018:


In 2018 people will work alongside machines even more: A.I. will be applauded instead of frowned upon. New technologies in workforce management and HR software will enable managers to collect data and speed up unnecessary long processes. With all this efficiency going on, managers won’t have the excuse of the old fashioned ‘pile of paperwork’ and need to interact with their employees once again. Being enabled to have more time for human interaction also means we get a chance to beat modern illnesses like the burnout. With A.I. embedded in the workplace, people will become healthier and happier.

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Human connection

We as human beings feel better when we have a social connection. We are not saying you need to crush on all your colleagues, but a good old human smile once in a while at the coffee machine will make you sit happier and more satisfied behind your (hot)desk, and therefor makes you more productive. The way we work will evolve even more in 2018. Working from home, a coworking space or hot-desking is more common every day. Companies that make sure their employees don’t feel isolated and encourage them to socialize with their teammates are in for the long haul.

With A.I. embedded in the workplace, people will become healthier and happier.

Back to nature

Being in nature has soothing benefits. In 2018 companies will choose more and more to move their work outside the office. Health and productivity improve when we go outside, get some fresh air and soak up some sunshine. Especially technology driven companies will use this strategy because of the large percentage of employees that sit behind a screen all day. This can easily be fixed by exchanging boardroom meetings for a stroll in a park nearby which leads to lower stress levels and high productivity.

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Companies that encourage and create environments for employees to socialize with their teammates are in for the long haul.


Market leaders like Apple and Google are setting the bar high for innovative workspaces that promote collaboration between employees and different teams in 2018. Activity based workspaces enable different departments to stay on top of their game. Each section is customized to a certain style of working. This way everyone can enjoy a surrounding they’re comfortable to work in, which means people rather work from the office then their homes. In 2018 companies will be eager to keep their employees close so they have the ability of motivating them.

Since working from home all the time is proven to be an inefficient way of working, coworking spaces will once again become the home for independent workers in 2018. Book spaces for a specific timeframe so you can experience extreme focus or work from a general space with like-minded people!

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The red thread in these trends is without a doubt happy and healthy employees. If your team enjoys coming to the office, you’ve done a good job, and you have empowered them to do theirs.

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